Change to Saturday Open Lectures

Unfortunately Professor Maria Rhode is unable to make it to Brimingham for March 12th. We are very pleased that in her place Mr Brian Truckle will do a talk on 'Exploring the Thinking of Wilfred Bion'.

The lecture starts at 10.00 am and should finish around 1.00 pm and the cost is £25.00. We expect demand for seats to be high so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like a place.

Change to Friday Open lectures

We are very pleased to announce that Helen Randall, Consultant Child Psychotherapist, and her colleagues Rinat Arnsberg and Rachael Winstanley, both Trainee Child Psychotherapists will talk about their work in a comunity based primary health care setting. The paper is called 'Working from the Kitchen: Child Psychotherapy in a GP Practice'. The talk is from 1 to 3.45 on March 18th.

Other updates

BTPP remains open to enquiries for Observational course and the Child Psychotherapy clinical training (2016/2017 intake). The focus on mental health in schools has led to a strong interest in BTPP's course this year and an increase in applications. Anyone interested can email or contact Kevin Booth and Helen Randall. We are holding an Open Evening for prospective Pre Clinical students at The Custard Factory on Wednesday 9th March at 5.30 pm. If you are interested in attending, please let us know on

Clinical Training

The closing date for application for the clinical training in child psychotherapy is March 18th.

Supervision course

The Supervision course has been running now for 8 months. Margaret Rustin will give a paper to that group and any other psychotherapists interested in attending on Wednesday 13-016 between 1 and 4 pm.

Expression of interest in attending that afternoon are welcome.

As that course moves towards its completion in February 2016 expressions of interest in a further course are welcomed.